September 2015

Outdoor Play

As usual the children are having lots of fun during their outdoor play time. Between the different slides, the little cottage house, the swings, sandpit, not to forget the bikes and a new addition: the blackboard which is turning to be a big hit with the children, they can't seem to get enough of being outdoors.

Experimenting with Paint

The children in Florise class have been enjoying getting their hands and feet covered in paint and creating original canvas. They also experimented painting with pipe cleaners. As their theme is Food they have also been painting yoghurt pots and did some leaf printing. Lots and lots of fun with paint for our young toddlers.


Playball classes have started again this term. They provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about gross motor skills also developing in them the facility to listen to and follow instructions. They all thoroughly enjoy this activity.

July 2015

Cavalia Horse Riding School

Today we had a visit from Cavalia Horse Riding School. To the delight of the children they brought along a miniature horse that the children could pet, brush, dress-up and just look at.
It was a wonderful moment for all the children to discover the friendliness of this little horse.

Visit to Paul & Virginie Primary School

The children of our French sections here at Tiny Tots went for a school visit to Paul & Virginie primary school. It was a very enriching and entertaining visit. We felt very welcomed and the children were able to interact and play with their peers. They were offered snacks and drinks and they visited all preschool classes.

School Play

Our annual school play "Tikoulou in Dodoland" was a big success this year. The children performed very well and were all so happy to see their families present. They all remembered their dance moves and we saw some real talents, future dancers among the children.

Music Day and Cultural Diversity Day

At Tiny Tots we celebrate a lot of world Days and this year the children came all dressed up for Cultural Diversity Day which was celebrated on the same day as Music Day. They enjoyed themselves very much performing some dances and songs for us. They all looked so gorgeous dressed in different attires.